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There are many ways to use implants as anchorage for replacement teeth, as well as for lost gums or jawbone.  Just a few of these will be illustrated on this page.

  Replacing a Single Missing Front Teeth using a Dental Implant

Thorough planning and skilled implant insertion of one implant to replace a single missing tooth avoids the need to modify, or otherwise treat, natural teeth on either side of the lost tooth.

A single implant has fused to the jaw bone.  A special part is attached to it, and a natural appearing crown (or cap)  is made.

The implant is light gray, while the part which will soon  join it to the crown is white in this  x-ray picture 

After placing the crown, it is hard to tell it apart from the other teeth.  Blending naturally into its surroundings, the new tooth looks and functions like its natural neighbors.

Implant retained restorations have a natural appearance.  To better demonstrate a few of the many types of implant restorations, illustrations are shown below.  When viewing them, imagine seeing the lower jaw without having the lips, cheeks, or tongue in the way.

   Dental implants as a foundation for bridgework that's fixed in place.

After healing is completed, special attachments are placed for immediate connection to artificial teeth

Fixed bridgework is then anchored on the implants, providing natural function and appearance.

   Only a few implants are needed to stabilize a loose denture

All lower teeth have been lost, also some gum and jaw bone.

A small gold bar is locked on the implants.  A specially modified denture clips firmly onto the bar, to stop the denture from moving.

     Implants as the foundation for replacing all the teeth in one jaw

All lower teeth have been lost, also some gum and jaw bone.

The final bridge is locked onto the underlying implants.  It solidly replaces missing teeth and lost gums for a natural appearance - and real chewing power.

Dr. Fox uses state-of-the-art methods and the premier implant system with a proven decades long track record of clinical success (Nobel Biocare implant systems).  This system enables the doctor to treat a wide variety of clinical problems and is guaranteed against component failure by the manufacturer for 10 years after implant installation.  Dr. Fox is also trained in and has successfully treated patients using other implant systems.  The doctor's  advanced training and expertise help assure your implant care will be comfortable and expertly done.

The Nobel Biocare system was formerly know as the Branemark system

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Colored illustrations courtesy of Nobel Biocare.


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