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 Quality Dentistry for Discerning Adults


Discerning people, who want the best for their oral health (and their smile) realize the advantages of seeing a doctor with a special combination of talent, outstanding clinical expertise, special educational achievement enhanced by years of disciplined continual study, high ethical standards, exceptional service, and a devotion to excellence in dental care.  Discerning people appreciate the benefits of  comfortable, healthful, long lasting dentistry expertly done; chewing comfort; fresh breath; and an attractive smile. 

Dr. Fox  has provided special, personalized dental care for discerning people from all walks of life (including many other dentists and their families) since 1984.  Patients appreciate  his expertise, personal touch and caring approach to their health care.  Many of these people see him simply for routine conservative dental or preventive care.

The doctor is also known for effectively helping people with more complex needs or difficult dental problems.  These include bite problems, chronic oral discomfort, jaw joint disorders, gum problems, dental implants, life-like tooth repair or replacements, treatment for dental patients with medical problems, and smile enhancement.

To ensure the safety and comfort of unusually anxious patients (or those with fears about dental care) Dr. Fox has advanced training and licensure in all methods of conscious-sedation.   Conscious-sedation is a state of pleasant relaxation during dental care during which the patient is awake, aware, has all protective reflexes intact, yet is able to comfortably cooperate with the dental team.   Conscious-sedation can be produced with inhaled medical gases, or intravenous medications.  

Research studies prove that patients with more complex problems typically have better treatment results from appropriately trained specialists than from general dentists.  Don't you deserve the care only a specialist can provide?

As a dual specialist, Dr. Fox offers patients unusual expertise in:


Routine, conservative dental care for adults.

Second opinions and consultations.

Oral health care management and prevention of dental diseases.

Diagnosis and treatment of chronic oral discomfort or pain, and jaw joint problems.

Treatment of teeth or the replacement of teeth (with crowns, bridges, fillings, bonding, bleaching, dentures or implant dentistry) to improve and maintain appearance, function, comfort, and health.

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the supporting and surrounding tissues of the teeth (gums and jawbones) or their substitutes (dental implants).

Replacement of supporting tissues by grafting or implantation of natural or synthetic materials and replacement of missing roots with implants.

Special rehabilitative or reconstructive therapy for complex oral problems and dental caries (particularly when these problems are complicated by the presence of periodontal disease).


  2401 Pennsylvania Avenue- suite 1A8
Philadelphia, PA 19130


David J. Fox, D.M.D., P.C.

Quality Dentistry for Discerning Adults ®

Telephone: (215) 481-0441

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