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Dr. Fox has advanced post-doctoral training and experience in treating patients with special needs.

This special expertise was acquired during a unique year-long program in comprehensive dental care for the handicapped at Illinois Masonic Medical Center (the most prestigious of only three national centers training doctors in comprehensive special patient dental care).

This unusual experience provided Dr. Fox with advanced training in special patient care and additional expertise in management of the medically compromised patient.

Some of the conditions that require specialized and compassionate patient care include (we can't list them all here, of course) :

Alzheimer's disease

Breathing Disorders

Cancer or Leukemia

Cerebral palsy

Developmental disabilities


Down's Syndrome

Geriatric Dentistry

Emotional disabilities

Extreme Fear of Dental Care

Heart Disease

Mental disabilities

Multiple or complex medical problems

Muscular dystrophy


Physical disabilities

Seizure disorders or Epilepsy


People needing special patient care often have difficulty finding a dentist who is willing and able to treat their needs.  Our office offers comprehensive oral health care to adults with any of the many physical, mental, or emotionally handicapping or disabling conditions that can affect people.

This type of care may require appointment times tailored to the patient's needs, longer or shorter visits, special medications, consultation with physicians to coordinate medical and dental care, special relaxation methods or treatment techniques.

Our building and office is accessible for people with handicapping conditions.  Special dental equipment enhances our ability to care for people whose mobility depends on wheelchairs, walkers, or other types of assistance.

Of course, we do NOT discriminate in providing excellent dental care to any adult  who desires our assistance.  Our practice is limited to adult care, so we routinely refer children and younger adolescents (including those with special needs)  to specialists in dentistry for children.  If you have a child who needs dental care, feel free to contact our office for a no obligation referral.

We believe everyone, regardless of their special circumstances, should have an opportunity to have their mouth cared for in an friendly atmosphere characterized by the respect and dignity every person deserves.


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