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earn money amazon surveysprofessional athletes know the value of using proper protective gear during physical activity.  can you imagine a football player getting on the field without the right gear? of course not, that would be nuts!  have you noticed the sports mouth guards that professional athletes wear?

weekend athletes, high school athletes, and even children need to protect their mouth, jaw joints, and teeth during contact sports.

more than half of all facial sports injuries involve either jaw bone fractures, fractured teeth or loosened teeth.  these are not only painful, but can be costly to treat.

an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and proper prevention of sports injury includes use of a custom made and  professionally fitted sports mouth guard.

 these don't compare to do it yourself products!

dr. fox knows the latest methods of preventing sports related facial injuries and continues to help prevent injuries for patients, sports-enthusiasts, and their families.


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 earn money amazon surveys


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