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 Quality Dentistry for Discerning Adults


Our office uses the most advanced methods of sterilization and disinfection available for your safety and protection of your health.

Dr. Fox has been a pioneer in this area of dental practice for over 35 years.  This office meets or exceeds, all guidelines of professional organizations and government regulations.  Some of the techniques routinely used include:


Extensive use of disposable supplies, used once and discarded.


Meticulous cleaning of all instruments prior to sterilization, usually in an ultrasonic machine, followed by inspection and additional cleansing of each instrument by hand prior to sterilization.


Sterilization of all instruments, including dental hand pieces ("drills") in computer monitored autoclaves or dry heat sterilizers.   These special instruments are only lubricated before sterilization, to further protect patients. Our high-tech dental hand pieces are quieter than any other on the market.


Routine maintenance of all instruments and equipment as recommended by manufacturers.  We literally close the office to patient care for four hours each week to complete a checklist of maintenance, repair, cleaning, and additional sterilization of our entire office. We also close for a full day each quarter to complete additional maintenance, repair, cleaning and related tasks to ensure our safety measures and patient care are state of the art.


Sterilization of non-disposable plastic instruments by immersion in hospital grade sterilizing fluid for 15 hours. (exceeding the methods used in hospitals for surgical instruments and laproscopes).


Municipal water supplies are not adequately free of microscopic germs to meet our standards for protecting patient health.  Our dental units are not connected to municipal water lines. Our dental units were, in fact, never connected to municipal water lines to prevent contamination of the inside of the water lines used for patient treatment.  We only use sterilized, distilled water in all of our dental units.


Our office utilizes and maintains the best current technology to manage water quality and will continue to update our equipment and protocol as new information becomes available.  We are committed to the safety and well-being of our patients. As new products become available and new research provides us with better ways to practice oral healthcare, we will continue to improve the quality of care in this office.


Routine disinfection of the inside of all waterlines in our dental equipment, followed by overnight drying.  The water tubing in our dental units meets the same standards as those used in kidney dialysis machines.  The pictures below demonstrate the difference between dental equipment waterlines that were not disinfected (left) and which were properly disinfected with the methods used in our office:


This is a picture of the inside of a small plastic pipe that was carrying water in dental chair in another dental office.  The picture was taken by a scanning electron microscope.  Clumps of bacteria cover the walls of the water line tubing.  These germs can break away and enter the dentist's water syringe or dental hand piece. The result is a risk of respiratory or systemic infections or disease, particularly for the elderly, infirm, or those with medical conditions which lower resistance to infection  (chronic illnesses, leukemia, cancers, chemotherapy, respiratory problems, and many other conditions).

Biofilm is a thin layer of microorganism that accumulates in common devices used to transport water, such as municipal water pipes, commercial and residential water piping, shower heads, faucets, soda fountains and others.  Small diameter piping or tubing (such as those found in dental office chairs and equipment) is particularly prone to bacterial growth. The tubing surface examined in picture above was not properly disinfected.

The above picture (taken by the same scanning electron microscope at the same magnification as the picture on the left) shows a similar plastic pipe which has been properly disinfected.  The walls of the dental unit water line are free of bacterial clumps.

Our office uses the methods of water line disinfection that research studies prove to be effective, and safe for patients.

We test our water lines regularly to ensure that the disinfection methods we're using are working properly. 


Periodic Monitoring and testing of sterilization and disinfection systems is part of our office routine.  This includes bacterial culturing our dental unit waterlines, microbial spore testing of sterilizing equipment, constant monitoring of sterilization temperatures and times, replacing disinfecting solutions on a strict schedule to preserve potency, and use of thermal indicators to verify proper sterilization equipment operation.


A routine of rigorous cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces in the treatment room between every patient, followed by use of sterile drapes, towels,  or plastic film over all equipment we touch during treatment.


Use of surgical gloves and aseptic technique in all patient care.


Sterilization of all dental appliances, restorations, and impressions that enter and leave our on site dental laboratory. These steps are important in preventing disease transmission when laboratory procedures are used.


For certain specialized surgical procedures our routine unusually thorough cleaning, disinfection and sterilization protocols are upgraded to match those of a hospital operating room.


Use of an antiseptic (but pleasant tasting) prescription oral rinse before treatment visits to reduce germs in the treatment rooms and in each patient's mouth.



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