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A Periodontist is a dental specialis  who treats gum problems to prevent tooth loss, or replaces lost teeth with dental implants.


The dental specialty of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the supporting and surrounding tissues (gums and jawbones) of the teeth or their substitutes (dental implants); as well as maintaining their health, function, comfort and esthetics. This includes replacement of supporting tissues by grafting or implantation of natural or synthetic materials and replacement of missing roots with implants.

A Periodontist is a dentist who has completed three years of university post-doctoral training and received a certificate as a specialist in this field.

Dr. Fox is one of the few periodontists with advanced specialty training and expertise in periodontal prosthesis.  He is uniquely qualified to help patients with periodontal problems complicated by or complicating treatment of teeth, missing teeth, bite problems, or implant dentistry.

He cares for patients in conjunction with other dentists or dental specialists on a referral basis, and also provides comprehensive care for patients preferring to see just one doctor for management of complex problems.

Referred Patients & Professional Integrity

We welcome anyone who calls our office to join our family of patients for comprehensive care with Dr. Fox. 

Please note, however,  that patients who are referred to Dr. Fox by another dentist are not eligible to receive all of their care with Dr. Fox, unless the referring dentist has granted his or her permission.  We believe this policy is an expression of both our professional integrity as well as respect for professional colleagues.  Should you have any concerns or questions about this issue, please feel free to discuss them with us.



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