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Dr. Fox offers unique expertise (and personalized care) for people with routine or complex dental needs, in an office specially designed to make everyone comfortable.

Discerning people from all walks of life (including many other dentists as well as their families) have been coming to Dr. Fox for over two decades  for the special, personal service he provides - and to benefit from his unusual clinical expertise, high ethical standards, talent, and devotion to excellence in dental care.

Many of these people see him simply for routine conservative dental or preventive care.  

He is also known for effectively helping people with more complex needs, or difficult dental problems. These include:

Bite problems

Gum problems

Loose dentures

Implant Dentistry

Smile Enhancement

Jaw joint disorders (TMJ or TMD)

Chronic oral pain or discomfort

Life-like tooth repair or replacement

Complex or extensive dental problems

Dentistry for people with medical conditions or special problems like extreme anxiety

Care is custom tailored to each person's individual needs or desires. The results are typically healthful, attractive, expert, and long lasting - whether for complex or routine care.

The doctor and his staff are committed to comfortable, state of the art, world class quality care in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

If there is someone you care about that deserves this level of dental care, please tell them about Doctor Fox ... 

... They can explore the option of becoming his patient (without a dentist's referral) simply by calling our office.



  1021 Old York Road - suite 201
Abington, PA 19001


David J. Fox, D.M.D., P.C.

Quality Dentistry for Discerning Adults ®

Telephone: (215) 481-0441

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