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Doctor Fox is devoted to keeping up with the latest information and treatment methods in dentistry.  This is done by reading professional journals and new textbooks, spending time observing colleagues at work, lecturing, and taking courses.

Continuing education is so important that Pennsylvania law requires  dentists to take 30 hours of continuing education course work every three years.  In the most recent three year period, Dr. Fox took over five times the hours of continuing education mandated by law.   He's taken over 2,500 hours of continuing education courses outside of his formal university training.  Some of the more recent courses  are listed here to illustrate his commitment to be a perpetual student and the resulting benefits to his patients.

Comfort During AND After Dental Treatment

The doctor updated his knowledge in the pharmacology of post-surgical dental pain control in November by attending a lecture by a prominent professor of pharmacology. The number of different medications available for controlling pain after treatment has blossomed in recent years.  Doctors who stay up to date can offer patients more comfortable care.

Effective pain control in dental patients is more than just choosing the right drug for the patient's needs. An understanding how medications work, potential interactions with other prescription medications the patient is using, and avoiding unwanted side effects is important, too.

Both prescription and nonprescription pain relieving drugs are commonly tested in clinical research trials of safety and effectiveness on patients with post-surgical dental pain.  Dental research has been responsible for evaluating virtually all of the medications available for ambulatory patients in both medical and dental practice.

We don't undertake research on patients in private practice. Drawing on years of experience and continual study of new research results, Dr. Fox carefully prescribes medications with a proven track record for each patient's individual needs and condition to assure comfort during and after dental care.

Implant Placement for People with Deficient Jaw Bone

In October the doctor and staff studied implant treatment methods for patients who have previously been unable to benefit from dental implants because they didn't have enough bone for implant placement.  During this full day course we learned newer methods to predictably enhance the quantity and shape of jaw bone during surgical placement of dental implants.

Doctor attends lecture on precision attachments

Dr. Fox attended a 2 hour lecture on precision attachments.  Precision attachments are tiny devices used to improve or enhance more complex bridgework, implant restorations, and removable dentures without hooks or clasps.  It was a pleasure to hear another lecturer's perspective on this important treatment modality.  

Maintaining Advanced Expertise in Treating Serious Gum Disease & Implants!

In addition to participating in the five day long annual meeting of the American Academy of Periodontology in September, Dr. Fox took 20 hours of continuing education courses tailored for specialists in periodontics.

These courses provided the doctor with the latest research results of studies accepted for publication but which are not yet in print, as well as an opportunity for discussion of the studies with other specialists from around the world.  He also studied advances in surgical methods and procedures for  treating periodontal disease and comfortably placing dental implants.

Some of the exciting advances include the use of genetically engineered growth factors to enhance or accelerate healing after surgery, new reconstructive methods for jaw bone esthetic deformities and jaws damaged by tooth loss, improved methods to treat failing implants, and cosmetic gum treatments to improve smiles.  Lunch breaks and evening social events were a wonderful opportunity to chat with friends and colleagues from around the world who are former students, classmates, teachers, and fellow faculty members. 

Effective Answers for Annoying Loose Dentures!

Dr. Fox attended a course on implant supported restorations.  The program focused on new methods of stabilizing loose dentures with just two comfortably placed implants.  Our office has experienced consistent success in helping people with loose dentures regain confidence in their ability to eat well, speak well, and smile knowing their dentures are firmly affixed to their jaw.  

Teeth replaced with implants SHOULD & CAN look natural !

Dr. Fox joined colleagues practicing in the Delaware Valley region who are fellow members of the Academy of Osseointegration  for a six hour course on implant prosthodontics.  The program focused on replacing lost teeth with long lasting dental implants and an incredibly natural appearance.

Not only is the doctor's level of expertise in esthetic dentistry and dental ceramics world class, so are the certified dental technicians he selects for his treatment team.  Our office works with national and world leaders in dental laboratory technology, who help us create routine or sophisticated restorations that look and function like natural teeth.

Honing Skills for the Digitized Dental Office

Our patients benefit from our use of the latest in dental office management software.  Our computer network system helps us keep appointments on time, eliminates bookkeeping errors, provides completed insurance claim forms before patients leave the office, and tracks patient care to ensure each patient has the appointments they need for better health.  

Conservative Dentistry

In April, the doctor and staff attended a seven hour course on conservative dentistry and esthetics. We have always advocated conservative care whenever possible, because we know the best treatment is the simplest treatment that meets the needs of each individual patient.  Advances in restorative materials have made a more conservative approach to therapy possible for cavities that could only be treated with caps or crowns in the past.  State of the art bonding and filling materials have enhanced the natural appearance of teeth treated for the simplest problems, and make more options available to patients. 

The latest in prevention of sports injuries

Professional athletes know the value of using proper protective gear during physical activity.  Can you imagine a football player getting on the field without the right gear? Of course not, that would be nuts!

Weekend athletes, high school athletes, and even children need to protect their mouth, jaw joints, and teeth during contact sports.  Did you know that more than half of all facial sports injuries involve either jaw bone fractures and loosened teeth? These are not only painful, but can be costly to treat.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and proper prevention of sports injury includes use of a custom made and  professionally fitted sports mouth guard.

 Professionally made mouth guards  don't compare to do it yourself products!  Dr. Fox attended a lecture on the latest methods of preventing sports related facial injuries in November, and continues to help prevent injuries for patients, sports-enthusiasts, and their families.

Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD)

Disorders of the jaw joint (TMJ), muscles, tendons, or ligaments can be a source of considerable pain in the face, neck, or head.  These are known as temporomandibular disorders (TMD).  Dr. Fox has advanced training, experience, and expertise in this area, and regularly treats TMD patients who have been referred by other doctors.  Patients may also contact his office directly, without a doctor referral, for help with this type of problem.  The doctor attended a full day course on the diagnosis and treatment of Temporomandibular Disorders..

Planning Treatment is Important for Successful Treatment

Planning dental care that meets the patient's needs is essential for successful treatment. This includes both selecting the best treatment methods and sequencing care for patients who need more complex care.  Dr. Fox has taught many courses on this important part of dental care, but is always on the lookout for new ideas and information.  The doctor and staff took a full day course on treatment planning in March.

Excellence in Restoration & Replacement of Teeth

This February, as a member of the prestigious American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics, Dr. Fox attended the Academy's annual scientific session in Chicago.  The program included 17 hours of continuing education lectures.  Part of the doctor's commitment to excellence in the management of natural, restored, and replaced teeth is a steady and rigorous program of constant education.

The American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics is an organization with membership limited to the best in this dental specialty.  Participation allows Dr. Fox to rub elbows with other colleagues on the cutting edge of dental care, and exchange ideas at the forefront of clinical knowledge and research.   As chair of the group's budget & finance committee the doctor serves as an unpaid advisor to the group's board of directors. In addition to taking courses at this meeting, he spent another two days participating in board meetings.

Latest techniques in root canal treatment

In January  Dr. Fox participated in full day seminar devoted to the latest techniques in endodontic therapy. This has been an area of special interest to the doctor for many years.



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