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smile-man.jpg (19363 bytes)the impression you make on other people (friends, family, colleagues, clients or customers) is important to your social and business success. your smile contributes more to making those impressions than anything else you can do, say, or buy. if you don�t believe that, just look at the smiles of people around you. you�ll probably notice them doing the same thing, it�s only natural.

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modern esthetic dentistry is a specialized art and science that can dramatically improve your smile, appearance and self-esteem. a variety of methods are available to preserve or enhance your smile. these include changing the appearance of teeth (by altering color, shape, texture, or size), correcting crooked teeth, eliminating gaps between teeth, plastic surgery for gum problems, and incredibly lifelike replacement of missing teeth. 

smile-woman.jpg (10190 bytes) but, no single treatment method is appropriate for everyone. like you, your smile is one of a kind. selecting the best method to solve your unique esthetic problem requires an accurate diagnosis, along with an understanding of your personal concerns.  that type of approach is only possible from a doctor who will devote the time necessary to get to know you and who will meticulously examine every facet of your oral condition to help you select the best options to reach your goals for an improved smile.

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quality conscious people, who want the best for their smile, know routine or specialty level cosmetic dental care also requires an unusually competent dentist who can provide a special combination of cutting edge knowledge, advanced technical skills, artistic ability, personal talent, and an unwavering dedication to excellence.

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extraordinary cosmetic dentistry demands years of study and advanced post-doctoral training beyond the usual dental school education, and continual professional development.

you won�t find a more qualified dentist for your unique needs than dr. david fox.  he is known for his expertise in cosmetic dentistry, complex restorative therapy, implant dentistry, routine adult dental care, and in treatment of diseases of the gums or jawbones.

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dr. fox and his staff are committed to delivering comfortable, state of the art, world class care in a relaxed, friendly environment. excellence and personal respect are part of an unconditional commitment to each and every patient they care for.

the office utilizes the latest technology in all aspects of patient care and maintains the strictest standards of sterilization. only the highest quality materials, methods and technical support are used so the best possible result is achieved. they know that quality endures.

to learn more about the benefits of modern cosmetic dentistry, please call our office to arrange a personal consultation with dr. fox. he would be happy to help you explore the possibilities of achieving a healthy, attractive smile.

protecting your most valuable asset, your smile, (or correcting any flaws in it) should be done with care.   after all ....

 you only get one !



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