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money for reviews on amazoninformation on various aspects of dental health and dental care are provided elsewhere on this website.  click the "up" button above and then click on web pages devoted to our services or your concerns. to find what interests you. feel free to email or leave feedback if something you want to know is not on our site.

heart disease & oral health: information from the american heart association

bacterial endocarditis: a serious heart infection that can be caused by bacteria in the mouth.

oral cancer: a recently published article in the new york times.  despite the author's suggestions otherwise, oral cancer examinations have been routinely done by conscientious dentists for over thirty years.  dental schools have stressed the importance of this type of examination even longer.  additional information can be found on the oral cancer page on this site, or by clicking the navigation button in the navigation menu at the top of this page.

oral complications of cancer and cancer treatment: cancer in other parts of the body outside the mouth, and the treatment of cancer, affects oral health.  oral health problems can also complicate cancer treatment or force patients to stop cancer treatment.  this web page contains vital information for cancer patients and their families.




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