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 Quality Dentistry for Discerning Adults


Our web site is growing all the time, and chock full of useful information about our practice, oral health care, and the relationship between and general health.  But we can't possibly cover everything here. 

You are welcome to contact us for further information.  Please understand we can only answer questions of a general nature. Professional ethics and laws regulating dental practice prohibit us from answering specific questions about an individual's personal health problems or condition without a comprehensive examination of your mouth and a thorough evaluation of your condition. Practice otherwise would be not be in the best interests of any dental patient.

Therefore, if you have specific questions about your personal problems or condition, you should consult with a well qualified dentist, or you may explore the option of becoming a patient in our practice by telephoning our office (the number is listed at the bottom of this web page).  Or, visit some of the web sites listed below to search for answers to your questions.

Web Links with further information:


Oral Health Topics from the American Dental Association


Oral Health Topics from the Academy of General Dentistry


Periodontal ("gum") Diseases & Oral Health Topics from
the American Academy of Periodontology


United States Surgeon General's Report on Oral Health


United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


United States Food and Drug Administration


American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry



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